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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Are we still living on a budget?

It's funny now that we're out of debt, not much has changed.  Many people ask us if we've gone on a wild spending spree.  In full disclosure, we have raised some of our personal categories like discretionary money and shopping.  We also go out to Panera Bread a little more frequently than we used to:)

However, we are still on a budget.  This choice we made several years earlier wasn't just a quick fix.  It was a life style choice.  There was always going to be the next step after paying down the last debt.  Now we are going to take that awesome vacation to Hawaii as we wrote about in the last post, and we even celebrated last weekend with a big dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.  Check out the celebratory pic:

But we still live on a budget.  We still meal plan and still live on a grocery budget.  Bryant has dental bill from a procedure last month.  We are now saving for a house.  And then there is this little thing called retirement.  Yes, friends the world still turns.   However, ours turns with more options.  That is what being debt free does.  It gives you a choice rather than someone telling you have to pay them.  Hopefully you're debt free.  If you're just starting or on your way, know that it is awesome.  Also, know that you have to think about the next step and where you want to go.  This is not just a five year plan.  It is a life plan.

It doesn't matter how much money you have.  You need to know where it goes.  If you're a millionaire and spend all your money, you're still broke.  I guarantee if you ask anyone who is well off financially, they know where every cent goes.  That's the way this works.  You know where your money goes and you make it work for you.

So here's to making your money work for you!

In Christ,
Bryant and Emily Adler

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