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Our Story

We wanted to give you a glimpse of who we are and how we got on this journey.

Bryant is a high school band director. Emily is a 4th grade teacher. We met through mutual friends from church. We knew quickly that we were going to spend our lives together.

We set a wedding date for June 9, 2012. Before we got married, we decided to total up our debts and assets. We wanted to see where we were financially. We sat down in Emily's parent's basement and started adding things up. After adding all our debts, we realized we were facing $92,645 of debt. Most of this came from student loans.

As a young couple about to be married, you have many dreams. We wanted to travel, buy a home, eventually start a family, and so many other things. We also wanted to save money. Looking at our current financial situation, we didn't see any hope. We were defeated, hopeless, and drowning in debt. 

Both being followers of Christ, we began praying about our situation. We bought the book The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey and it completely changed our life. We realized we had the power to change our circumstances. We decided to pay off our debt as quickly as possible.

We got married in June of 2012. As soon as we returned from our honeymoon, we started attacking debt. Thanks to a tight budget, extra jobs, extremely hard work, extreme sacrifice, teamwork, and a lot of prayer, we were able to eliminate our debt completely in 2.5 years. We made our final payment on Christmas Eve 2014. 

We are passionate about sharing our journey to others who are drowning in debt. We want to help people realize you can change your circumstances. You don't have to live this way. 


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  2. I am set to get married in March. Our debts worry me. I want to start Snowballing these & doing tgings like Dave Ramsey suggest. But, I have a couple questions for you on how you began t h e process.
    1. When living paycheck to paycheck & already behind on things, how do yo i start the snowballing process?
    2. When living paycheck to papaychecwhere & how do start the envelope process or did you do the envelopes?

    1. Hi Pam! Thanks for reading! Send us a quick email to and we will get back to you on your questions.