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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." - Walt Disney

So Dream Big.

When we started the debt journey, we knew we had big dreams. To quote one of Bryant's favorite musicians, "If you're not going to make your dreams epic, why bother to dream anything at all?" - Scott Miller.

We set a huge goal of debt freedom in under 3 years. To follow that goal, we also said we would go to Hawaii the summer after we obtained debt freedom. We wanted to reward ourselves for two years of extreme sacrifice.

Today, we can happily say we have reached both goals. We are debt free, and we bought two tickets to Hawaii today....using cash.

So our advice is this....Dream big. Set big goals. However, know that in order to reach them, you have to make a plan to get there. You also have to stick to it. Dreams don't come true without hard work and determination. Get after the things you want in life today. Don't wait for someone else to make them happen for you.

We will say it until we are blue in the face, you can do this. ANYTHING is possible with hard work, sacrifice, and determination. Live life to the fullest. Change your circumstances. Do what makes you happy. Work hard for what you want. Go after it with everything you have. Enjoy life with the people you love. It is all worth it.

Take time to make a plan to reach your goals. Dream big. Life is short. Have hope and be happy.

See you in June, Hawaii.

In Christ,
Bryant and Emily Adler