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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Personal Note

Sorry we missed you on Monday if you're a regular follower of the blog!!  To quote Emily, "Our life is in chaos."  We're doing ok, just crazy busy!  If you saw our kitchen sink this morning, then you would understand.

Ok, so money saving tip for today.  Valentine's Day is coming up.  Seriously who really just hates this holiday?  Hallmark execs salivate in their offices at this time of year.  We don't like it, but nobody wants to be left out either.  Now, this tip is more for the guys out there, but it could work for anybody.

 Are you looking for a low budget Valentine's Day gift that still means something special?  This one can be a little challenging, but it doesn't have to cost you a fortune if you think outside the box.  This is a great low cost idea that I have to credit my buddy AP with.

Try writing a personal note or letter on stationary or a blank 99 cent card.  In day of emails, iPhones, Hulu, Facebook, and Twitter, how often do you write or receive hand written notes?  Almost never.  I bet if you do get one it's from someone 65 and up.  This is a lost art, but can be very meaningful.  Sometimes the perfect gift isn't a rose, earrings, or an over priced piece of chocolate!  If you really want to tell someone (your special guy or gal) you love them try doing it with your own words.  You may be an awful writer like me, but count on the fact that nothing beats the honest heart.

In Christ,
Bryant and Emily Adler

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