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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

WATE News Feature

We were very thankful to WATE @6news for getting our story out to our local area.  Thanks to Cameron Taylor for coming out on a cold Tennessee winter night to talk to us about paying down debt!  You can watch/read the link at:

Keep working on debt no matter what. Hope you have great day!

Bryant and Emily Adler


  1. Congratulations!!! We always knew you to be a very nice man when Diego was in band. You are proving that by wanting to help others be free of the suffocation of debt. You deserve the rewards of your hard work!

  2. PS, I was thinking it would be monumental if schools taught a class about debt, responsible finances and being debt free! How many people would benefit from that kind of education?! Everyone! Alcoa tends to be a cutting edge/progressive school system. Maybe you and your wife could be the pioneers of such a venture and could REALLY change a lot of people's lives! Give it a thought...