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Sunday, January 25, 2015

How We Got Started...Part 1

We have really enjoyed reading all the emails we have received. Our heart in all of this was to give others hope. We continue to hope our story does that for people.

We have received a lot of wonderful questions over the last week. One of the top questions we have received is, "How do I get started?" We plan to do a really in depth post about that this week. In it, we will talk about how we built an emergency fund and structured our budget. Keep in mind, our budget structure won't work for everyone. The way this journey works is to tailor it to what works for you. 

We will talk more about that later this week. In the mean time, we wanted to share with you what we read when we got started. 

This is The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. This is the book that changed our lives. We did not take the Financial Peace course. While the course is important, we felt this book was enough to get us going and sustain us throughout the journey. If you are looking for accountability in the journey, we would recommend taking the course and connecting with people. However, this book also outlines the process is detail. 

You can find this book almost anywhere. We got ours for about $4 on eBay. If money is tight, we would recommend looking at used book stores. 

We will share about our budget later this week. We hope you have a blessed rest of your Sunday. Keep paying down debt.

In Christ,
Bryant and Emily


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I have about 80,000.00 more debt than you'll but repayment seems doable now. I printed off your story so I can return to it throughout the few years (In Jesus Name) that it takes to repay the debt. No matter how long, I know that this isn't a lifetime burden, as many have guaranteed. I appreciate your faith in Christ and it's clear that his word is true, you can do all things through me, including receive great education (DR book) and commit to sacrificing to reach your goal. I'll be back to continue reading your story. Enjoy your time in Hawaii!!!
    Iris Grattan

  2. Inspiring story for sure! My wife and I had a debt of about $50,000, we have saved for 3 years and we paid it all off before Christmas 2014! I had the money make over CDs I would listen to while in college, they were a great help! We just wanted to be good stewards of what is Gods to begin with. We are now on our way to save for a home later this year! God Bless You Guys!