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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Dave Ramsey Show Video

We had the most incredible time spending our day at The Dave Ramsey Show. Everyone there was incredibly kind. They went out of their way to make us feel welcomed and special.

There is an incredible cafe there, Martha's Place, where all the coffee and treats are free. We enjoyed meeting a lot of people in the lobby and sharing our story. The highlight of the day had to be meeting Dave Ramsey. It was a great accomplishment to hear him say that he was proud of us.

My favorite moment of the show is when Dave said, "As a couple, you guys have learned to set goals and team up on something. That means you can do anything."

We have said from the beginning that we would be like minded in this. It has been incredible for our marriage. We can't wait to tackle the next chapter of our lives, whatever that may hold.

Thanks for the support throughout this journey. It's been a blessing.

You can find our debt free scream here:

In Christ,

Bryant and Emily Adler

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  1. Yours is the first Debt Free Scream I've heard! I was down there for counsellor training a few years ago and would love to back again and back to Martha's Place for sure. TJ’s Green Adventure