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Friday, November 29, 2013

We're Back

Grace And Peace To You,

Debt as of 06/09/2012:  $92,645.00

Debt as of 11/29/2013:  $43,940.60

Total Debt Paid Down Since Our Wedding Day:  $48,704.40!!!!

We've been gone for a while, but we are almost ready to relaunch our debt destruction blog!  This site is going to be the new rising phoenix from the ashes of our old blog that will take us all the way down to $0.00 debt.  More on that later, but in the meantime if you've missed us we're sorry!  We've missed you too.  Until then, keep paying and saving.

In Christ,
Bryant and Emily


  1. So when you say you start off with the smallest one, you mean you pay it all off at once??

  2. Hi Christa- I'm not "The Adler Project" but I follow Dave Ramsey's method as well. By paying off the smallest debt first, he means paying everything you can towards it until its paid. But if you have the $$ to pay your smallest debt off with 1 payment, then by all means pay that sucker off and get rid of it! Best Wishes!

  3. Hi Christa- I'm not 'The Adler Project' but I do follow Dave Ramsey's method and when he says pay off the smallest debt first, he means making your minimum monthly payment PLUS whatever you possibly can to get it paid off fast. If you have the $ to make one pmt to wipe it out, then by all means do that so you can move on to the next debt. Best Wishes!